18 Aug

Three ways to use MATLAB from R

Being a statistician working in neuroimaging is a little like living abroad and trying to speak a foreign language. For example, my first language is English, but I spent my first summer as a PhD student doing research at LMU in Munich, Germany. I had taken German in college and

08 Jul

Summer vacations 2014

If you wanted to know why I’ve been absent, well, that’s because I went on a couple of trips the past few weeks. Out of 23 days I spent 8 of them inside an airplane — at least for a few hours. I won’t write about all my vacations here,

03 Jul

Same Job, Different Seed

Often, it is desirable to submit the same job to a computing cluster, changing only a few variables each time. For example, you may wish to run a simulation where random variables are generated from the same distribution, but each time with a different seed. Here, we will be generating 100