18 Sep

Tips for submitting to arXiv for the first time

Today I successfully submitted my first paper to arXiv!  We’ve submitted this paper to a journal, but it hasn’t been published yet, so we wanted to get a pre-print up before advertising the corresponding software packages.  Unfortunately, the process of submitting to arXiv wasn’t painless.  Now that I’ve figured out some

18 Aug

Three ways to use MATLAB from R

Being a statistician working in neuroimaging is a little like living abroad and trying to speak a foreign language. For example, my first language is English, but I spent my first summer as a PhD student doing research at LMU in Munich, Germany. I had taken German in college and

08 Jul

Summer vacations 2014

If you wanted to know why I’ve been absent, well, that’s because I went on a couple of trips the past few weeks. Out of 23 days I spent 8 of them inside an airplane — at least for a few hours. I won’t write about all my vacations here,

03 Jul

Same Job, Different Seed

Often, it is desirable to submit the same job to a computing cluster, changing only a few variables each time. For example, you may wish to run a simulation where random variables are generated from the same distribution, but each time with a different seed. Here, we will be generating 100