14 Jan

recent blogosphere highlights {part 1}

I love reading other people’s blogs, but I’m terrible at keeping track of all the great stuff that’s out there. I’ll read something, think to myself, “hey that was super cool!” and promptly forget about it as I go on my merry way. NO MORE! I’m starting my own Read More

12 Jan

Coursera Motivation

Over the past year, I have signed up for over 10 Coursera classes.   My research involves working with Neuroimaging data and I want to take Coursera classes in order to learn some of the basics of Neuroscience.   I’m tired of being in meetings with collaborators and referring to parts Read More

11 Jan

Stata Markdown


This blog post is about options for making dynamic documents in Stata using Markdown, discussing the options of StatWeave and a do file created from a user, knitr.do. I will discuss some the capacities of these options and show options for custom use if you know how to Read More

09 Jan

R as Food: Lists & Referencing

In R, lists can be the most powerful yet most confusing objects, and specifically with respect to references. Essentially, lists are a general type of container that can hold almost any type of R object. For example, let’s say we have a list of foods I ate for the Read More