09 Nov

November 9, 2016

To my kids,

You don’t exist, but today I couldn’t stop thinking about you. You haven’t even been born yet (and honestly I don’t know if or when you will be), and there’s already so much I want to say to you, because the world you’ll be born in to Read More

30 Dec


Hi! It’s been a while. How’s it going?

Around here, things are moving. They’re moving quickly. I’ve heard my professors say that a PhD is a weird time in life, because nothing really happens or changes for years in the middle of it, and then at the end EVERYTHING HAPPENS Read More

20 Apr

Some internet wisdom on R documentation

I spent a lot of last week documenting an R package. I’m still learning how to write good user-facing features (including documentation) in my software, so I asked Twitter for advice on two things: (1) what are some R packages with stellar documentation?, and (2) is there a documentation Read More

02 Mar

thoughts on error messages

I’ve encountered a few hilariously useless error messages while coding recently. They got me thinking about error messages in general and wondering about the best way to build good error messages into my own software.

Some hilarious messages I’ve seen:

Error in listClassName(“Compressed”, class(x)) : Could not find a ‘CompressedList’ Read More