Amanda Mejia Amanda Mejia: 4th year PhD student interested in brain imaging. She can probably be found in a coffee shop or brewery right now, depending on the time of day. Read Amanda’s posts.
Jean-Philippe Fortin Jean-Philippe Fortin: 3rd Year PhD student, French-Canadian, and trying simultaneously to be on a paleo diet and to work in epigenomics  . Read Jean-Philippe’s posts.
Elizabeth Sweeney Elizabeth Sweeney: 2nd Year PhD student,  girl from Indiana (one can tell) who loves yoga, biking and brain imaging. Read Elizabeth’s posts.
alyssa Alyssa Frazee: 5th-year PhD student who does genomics research, dabbles in software development, and really loves breakfast. Read Alyssa’s posts.
muschelli2 John Muschelli: 3rd-year PhD student, interested in neuroimaging and interactive visualization. Likes coding to techno music. Read John’s posts.
leo Leonardo Collado-Torres: Pondering how learning a new R package and enjoying an oatmeal stout will lead to getting a PhD specialized in genomics data analysis. Read Leo’s posts.
hilary Hilary Parker Read Hilary’s posts.
yenny3 Yenny Webb-Vargas: 5th Year PhD – Causal inference, mediation, functional data and brains! – Mexico – trying out a standing desk without practicing Tai Chi in years. Read Yenny’s posts.
Aaron Aaron Fisher: 4th year PhD who enjoys high dimensional data analysis, intuitive graphics, and cooking projects. Read Aaron’s posts.
Leslie Leslie Myint: 2nd year Ph.D. student working with Kasper Hansen on statistical methods development for high-throughput technologies. She enjoys blogging about education and in her spare time likes to bake, play sports, and partake in games of all sorts. Read Leslie’s posts.
Tianchen Tianchen Qian: 3rd year Ph.D. student from China. Love thinking about causal inference, mathematics, coding, and playing guitar! Read Tianchen’s posts.